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NextLevelObjects does business consulting work within or outside the context of our packaged software systems. NextLevelObjects are experts in planning, designing, and implementing business-driven internet technologies including shopping carts, reservation systems, and systems for internal operations. Because our package software is extremely flexible, we are happy to modify and enhance our software to meet your specific business requirements.

Business Consulting

Business Consulting NextLevelObjects are experts in understanding the value chain. Although our emphasis is on using information technology to increase revenues and streamline business operations, we understand strategy, marketing, management systems, and financial systems. Our experience includes creating complex strategies, business processes, and information technologies for companies like Dell Computer, SBC Communications (now AT&T), Trinity Industries, BP Amoco (now British Petroleum), and many other large and small companies.

NextLevelObjects are experts in using the internet to solve complex business problems, and implementing challenging business solutions. We have worked with ground operators and Fortune 50 senior executives making things happen. Whatever the business problem or opportunity, it's unlikely that NextLevelObjects will not be able to provide valuable consul and actionable strategies for results. When it is apparent that internet technologies are not part of the solution, NextLevelObjects will be the first to make such an argument.

When you hire NextLevelObjects, or use NextLevelObjects software, you can be certain that you are leveraging highly trained and experienced people. NextLevelObjects focuses on business solutions first, recognizing that technology is just one component of the solution. NextLevelObjects understands all elements of business change, and can provide counsel on how you can maximize your return when implementing new information system technologies.

Systems Analysis and Design

System Analysis Once the business objectives are well defined and a project strategy is put in place, NextLevelObjects is prepared to understand the details of your business and develop a design that addresses all aspects of business change. NextLevelObjects understands that when new information technologies are implemented in a vacuum, the results are at best marginal and at worst destructive. For NextLevelObjects, systems analysis and design considers all components of your business.

During the analysis and design process, NextLevelObjects will create work products for new management systems, new data models, new business processes, and new technical models. Each work product will be comprehensive in its approach and clearly link to other models, processes and systems. During the design process, NextLevelObjects will keep senior management informed, explaining business impacts and probable time, schedule and budget implications.

In regards to information technology, NextLevelObjects can create detailed programming models and pseudo-code for computer analysts and programmers. NextLevelObjects can define business software objects, technology software objects, and supporting data objects. NextLevelObjects will explain to analysts / programmers relationships among software objects, and the implications for IT and for the business. NextLevelObjects will work with business stakeholders throughout the design effort to insure that the project never strays from the original (or revised) business objectives.

Programming and Testing

Programming and Testing NextLevelObjects can code and test your systems. Except for very simple systems, our code is object oriented. NextLevelObjects believes in the value of such coding concepts as encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance.

NextLevelObjects thoroughly documents its software and will conduct code reviews with other systems analysts / programmers. NextLevelObjects will also work with database and other system administrators.

NextLevelObjects will thoroughly test its software and work with other organizations to perform integration testing. If requested by the client, NextLevelObjects can create detailed testing plans and document test results. NextLevelObjects can conduct unit testing, systems testing, integration testing, and acceptance testing.

Implementation Services

Implementation Services These services are for businesses using the NextLevelShopper software. All of these services are optional. The hourly rates quoted are for initial planning purposes only, and may be lower depending on the size of the effort. NextLevelObjects is also willing to quote a fixed cost for a project.

  • Shopping Cart Configuration Services: $95
NextLevelShopper is a very powerful and flexible system and there are many configuration options to consider. Although there is ample documentation for each configuration option, choosing these options wisely is important. A NextLevelShopper consultant is available if you'd like to discuss any or all of the configuration options.
  • Web Design Services: $200 - $3000 depending on design
Many companies do web site design work and you do not have to choose NextLevelObjects Web Design Services. Our rates, however, are competitive and we guarantee our work.
  • Custom Programming Service : $50 / hour
Most companies will not need to modify or enhance the NextLevelShopper shopping cart. However, NextLevelObjects will enhance or modify the software per your request. For larger projects, NextLevelObjects has access to over-seas resources. The rates for over-seas resources can be far less than what is quoted here. When it makes economic sense, NextLevelObjects will adjust the hourly rates accordingly.
  • Product Setup Services: $75 / hour
For the retailer, setting up product data can be the most time consuming task in implementing a shopping cart. Although there is ample documentation that explains product setup and its various options, NextLevelObjects can make a consultant available to you. The consultant can simply answer your questions, or take care of the entire product setup process.
  • Translation Services: $50 / hour
As the internet brings people closer together, the need to make your shopping cart accessible to people in foreign countries will increase. It is possible to use NextLevelShopper's automated Multi-Currency and Multi-Language features. However, some businesses want more control over language use and phrasing. For those businesses requiring that control, NextLevelObjects offers translation services.
  • Web Analytics Services: $75 / hour
NextLevelShopper is a search engine friendly shopping cart. However, NextLevelShopper does not control how you describe your products or the other content in your web site. NextLevelObjects offers services to help your web site(s) achieve higher organic search results, and more cost-effective pay-per-click search results. NextLevelObjects can also create and implement an entire search engine marketing campaign for you.

Post-Implementation Support

For unmodified package software, NextLevelObjects offers the following support structure:

Email Support (per client contact): $30 / month

Phone Support (per client contact): $75 / month

Support for custom work (either package based or custom) is based on the size and complexity of the system and can be quoted after design work is completed.

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