Create custom design and business rules for each web store

Flexibility for Business People

The NextLevelObjects shopping cart requires no design or programming experience. By setting values in an easy-to-use configuration file business users can define the operational rules of a given web site. Non-technical people can also select from numerous design templates to decide the best look and feel for each web site.

Flexibility for Designers

Designers can use the design templates as a head start for designing their web sites, or can create web page designs from scratch. The system uses standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Designers can place programming calls to the shopping cart engine anywhere they want in their design specs. The programming calls are standard PHP include statements. In many cases there may be only one NextLevelObjects include statement in a given web page.

Flexibility for Programmers

PHP programmers can add to and replace NextlevelObjects code. In fact, over 90% of the code is replaceable. Forms, commands, algorithms, business rules, workflow, etc. can all be replaced. What's more, the original NextLevelObjects code is never over-written and is always available. By simply following the pre-defined rules for naming files and objects programmers can override almost every script in the system.

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