Introduction to a Multi-Site / Multi-Store Shopping Cart

Supports multiple stores and multiple vendors simultaneously.  Vendors can be assigned to one or more on-line stores.

The NextLevelObjects Multi-Site / Multi-Store Shopping Cart allows on-line retailers to create an unlimited number of e-commerce web sites and e-commerce web stores using one code base and one database. This allows retailers to create unique web sites and unique web stores for each of their important customer segments.

Using NextLevelObjects, one code base and one database supports a theoretically unlimited number of e-commerce web sites and web stores (a web site has its own shopping cart, while web stores share a common shopping cart, like a web mall). Besides providing multi-site, multi-store capabilities, NextLevelObjects lets on-line retailers forge strategic relationships with vendors/partners. With permission from the retailer, vendors and partners can maintain their own product data, maintain inventory levels, ship products to customers, and process returns.

NextLevelObjects can be customized to the needs of the business. This customization comes in the form of multi-site, multi-store, multi-vendor configuration strategies, and then configuration options within each strategy. For instance, a retailer can create multiple web sites with multiple web stores for each web site. Each web store can look and feel differently than every other web store. Likewise, the behaviors and business rules for a web site can be different than every other web site. Using NextLevelObjects, retailers have complete flexibility in how the manage their e-commerce business.
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