NextLevelObjects Hosting Service

NextLevelObjects licenses its software on a hosted linux server. This robust, stable platform allows companies to start small and grow their system without concern for software and hardware. Here are a few benefits of using the NextLevelObjects hosted system:
  • All the problems belong to NextLevelObjects. Your company never has to worry about maintaining the software, backing up the database, installing patches and bug fixes, installing new hardware, or integrating with third party systems. NextLevelObjects does it all. All you have to do is focus on your business and your customers.
  • Even though the software is hosted, you have access to the configuration files for each site / store, and the html, CSS, and javascript files for each site / store. You can either pay NextLevelObjects to design your site, use a third party, or do it yourself.
  • NextLevelObjects gives you the unique ability to override NextLevelObjects code and install your own code. For instance, let's say you want to implement an unusual shipping algorithm, or change the column headings/order in a NextLevelObjects table, no problem. NextLevelObjects provides you with a file directory that allows you to change/upgrade/remove NextLevelObjects code. Based on how you name the file, NextLevelObjects knows to replace its code with your code. Every site / store has its own unique directory, to you can even make modifications to individual sites and stores.
  • You can host as many domains as you want, all for a flat fee of $100 / year. It your business is highly successful NextLevelObjects can provide virtual and dedicated servers at a reasonable cost, and all implemented by NextLevelObjects.
  • By signing up for our $40 / month maintenance program you get access to email and telephone support (free for the first year). Because we have access to the software there is no confusion about what modifications were made, what database tables were changed, or whether someone installed a file that is causing a problem in some remote part of the software. We know everything about your installation and database. All you have to do is tell us the problem. NextLevelObjects is responsible for fixing the problem, and we won't ever blame you or pass the buck to someone else.
  • There are no downloads, installations, or libraries to install. It's all done for you free of charge. If you purchase the multi-site system, we will even configure your first site for you (configuation services are $75 / site but after the first site you probably won't need the help)
  • Our software costs less. Why? Because we can share resources among our customers. It's also easier for us to service you.
  • The service you receive will always be fast, friendly and knowledgeable. We will learn your business and make recommendations to help you succeed. Give us a try, you'll love the simplicity, speed, and low cost of our hosted ecommerce system.