Servicing Multiple Customer Segments Using a Multi-Site, Multi-Store Shopping Cart

NextLevelObjects allows businesses to create as many web sites and web stores as needed, in any configuration desired, using only one database and one code base. The implications for an online business are enormous. Not only does a multi-site multi-store shopping cart allow retailers to create web sites for each important customer segment, but it also vastly reduces the cost of maintaining business data across multiple sites. This is because business data, including database data, can be shared between web stores and sites.

Retailers can maintain one copy of business data and share that data across all its web sites and web stores. Simultaneously, it allows retailers to customize product and other business data for each web site and web store. The benefit is that retailers can efficiently create specialty web sites, service multiple customer constituents, and maintain only one copy of product and other business data. More web stores targeted at smaller customer segments can increase conversions and revenue

The NextLevelObjects shopping cart architecture was built for growth. As soon as a web site / store is added, products in the database can be immediately shared (products can even be cloned between web sites for easy product maintenance). Product descriptions and details can be customized for each site / store as necessary. Images, text, menu systems, business rules, etc. can be added quickly and easily. After the first site is released, the cost and rollout time for additional sites drops dramatically. In the end, NextLevelObjects multi-site multi-store shopping cart gives retailers economies of scale that traditional shopping cart engines can't provide.

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