Quick Check Out System

NextLevelObjects allows retailers to give their customers two different check-out methods: Normal and Quick Check-Out. Quick Check-Out allows customers to check out by filling out one short form. Only information necessary for check-out is captured. No other profile information is captured.

Since the system does not capture password information during Quick Check-Out, the system will not store the customer's credit card information in the database (even if the option is set in the web site configuration file) as doing so would pose a security risk.

Whether the customer uses Normal Check-Out or Quick Check-Out, the customer's data is captured and retained in the database. Besides password and credit card information (assuming the option is set), most other data the customer enters is encrypted. The next time the customer purchases anything from the site, the system pre-fills their customer information, making check-out extremely easy.

NextLevelObjects allows customers to save multiple shipping addresses and multiple billing addresses. During check-out the customer selects which shipping and billing address they want to use. Customers can change their profile, shipping addresses, and billing information at any time.