NextLevelObject's Layaway System

NextLevelObject's Layaway System offers retailers a powerful new feature that few, if any, other shopping carts offer. NextLevelObject's Layaway System works just like layaways work in the real world. A shopper selects an item to put in layaway, makes a deposit on the item, and then makes subsequent payments on the item until the item is fully paid. During this payment period, the retailer agrees not to sell the item to anyone else.

Benefits for the Retailer

The greatest benefit to the retailer is that in order to make payments on the layaway item, the shopper must repeatedly return to the retailer's website. Every time the shopper returns, not only does the retailer get a payment on a past sale, but the retailer also has an opportunity to make a new sale. This increase in traffic is a powerful benefit of the Layaway System.

Layaway Payment Form

Flexibility for the Shopper

There is no limit as to the number of items shoppers can keep in layaway at a time. Shoppers can make payments against multiple layaways simultaneously. Every time the shopper is ready to make a payment, the system informs the shopper of how much time they have left, and the minimum payment required.

On the shopper's last payment, the system calculates taxes and shipping costs and informs the retailer that the layaway item is ready to ship.

Importantly, every time a customer makes a layaway payment, the system immediately requests authorization and payment capture from the retailer's payment service. This is true even if the retailer normally requests payment capture at the time of shipping. This is because the nature of layaways is that the customer looses all their payments if they don't fully pay for the layaway within the designated time period.

NextLevelObjects Layaway System is a novel way for retailers to offer additional services to their internet customers while giving the retailer a method to encourage customer returns.