NextLevelObjects Multi-Location Inventory Control System

NextLevelObjects multi-location inventory control system automatically adjusts on-hand, reserved, and available inventory balances based on orders, shipments, and returns. The retailer can turn this system on or off at any time. If the retailer turns this module on, the retailer also has the option to determine whether out of stock items should display to shoppers. Inventory Control

NextLevelObjects allows businesses to maintain an unlimited number of shipping locations. Inventory levels can be tracked for the same product in multiple locations.

NextLevelObjects allows businesses to ship products from one location even if the orders originate from multiple web sites. If a business wants to create two different web sites selling either identical products or different products, NextLevelObjects can use the same shipping location to service orders from both web sites.

NextLevelObjects inventory tracking system supports value sets. A value set is a collection of items that are shipped to the customer under the heading of a parent item. When a customer orders a 'Baseball Kit', a bat, ball, glove, and hat are shipped to the customer. NextLevelShopper tracks the components of a kit when a kit is shipped and if it is returned.

Businesses have the ability to manually adjust inventory levels. If the business does a physical count of its inventory, the new on-hand balances can be entered into the system.

The NextLevelObjects Inventory Control System is a flexible and easy-to-use tool that allows businesses to support multiple web sites from one or more shipping locations.