Gift Registration System

NextLevelObjects offer retailers the ability to provide gift registry services to their online shoppers. Using the system, shoppers can create a gift registry for any one of a number of events including Christmas, Hanukkah, wedding, birthday, baby showers, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, etc.

Sending Invitations

NextLevelObjects allows gift registrants to automatically send emails to people invited to the gift registry. Invitations are sent in attractive brochures that explain to email recipients the event being celebrated, the person celebrating the event, and the last day gifts can be purchased.

Email text is written by the retailer, ensuring that spam or inappropriate content is not sent over the internet. The email is personalized using the gift receiver's name and contact information.

Once the emails are sent and friends and are made aware of the celebration, they can purchase gifts at the retailer's site. As gift givers purchase gifts the system keeps track of what has been requested and what has been purchased. As items are purchased the items are removed from the gift registry and shipped to the gift registrant.

Reviewing the Status of the Gift Registry

Items can be added or removed from the gift registry at any time. The system shows the gift registrant who has purchased gifts, what they have purchased, and how many they purchased. The registrant can use NextLevelObjects to send attractive thank you notes to the people sending gifts.

Why Offer Your Customers a Gift Registry

The NextLevelObjects Gift Registry System provides many benefits for both the shopper and the retailer:
  • By setting up a gift registry, the gift registrant is acting as a powerful promoter for the retailer's web site. If the people purchasing gifts like the web site, they may also set up their own gift registry, and then send more emails to their friends and family, increasing the number of shoppers at the web site.
  • Minimal information has to be entered by the registrant in order to create a gift registry. In fact, if the registrant already has an account with the retailer, they only have to enter the event they're celebrating, and the last day gifts can be purchased.
  • The emails sent by NextLevelObjects on behalf of the registrant are attractive and reflect well on the retailer.
NextLevelObjects Gift Registry System is a powerful and easy-to-use system that allows retailers to use customer word of mouth to promote the web site and generate additional sales.

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