Gift Card, Coupon and Discount System

The NextLevelObjects Gift Card, Coupon and Discount System is a highly flexible system that gives retailers a broad array of possibilities in promoting, merchandising, and selling their products. The Gift Card, Coupon and Discount System supports multiple and simultaneous discount models. The retailer can see what discounts are being taken, when the discounts are taken, which promotional codes are used, and which products are being purchased by which customers using those codes. The Gift Card, Coupon and Discount System is not only a way for retailers to promote their business, but a way for retailers to measure which promotional tools work best, and which are a waste of time.

Gift Card System:

The Gift Card System allows retailers to create an unlimited number of gift cards that can be purchased by shoppers for their own benefit or as a gift to others. Gift cards are a great way for a business to extend its business through word of mouth. As gift cards are given from current customers to new customers, the business enjoys an ever increasing network of shoppers.

Coupon System:

Coupons have the following characteristics:

  • Coupon codes are a mass market promotional tool. Coupon codes are placed in newspapers, magazines, and web sites. People who see the code are given an incentive to visit a web site or a store in order to receive a discount. This distinguishes coupons from gift cards in that gift cards are targeted at a specific individual.

  • A coupon code can be used an unlimited number of shoppers, whereas a gift card is used by only one shopper.

  • Coupon codes are not purchased. They are simply distributed as a promotional tool. Gift card must be purchased.

  • Coupon codes are generated manually by the retailer. Gift Card codes are generated automatically by the system.

  • Coupon codes can offer a discount in absolute terms ($20.00 discount) or as a percentage (10% off). Gift cards typically are valued in absolute terms (although NextLevelObjects allows retailers to set gift card discounts as a percentage of the sale).

  • Coupon codes can be used to track the success or failure of any particular advertising medium.

  • Coupon codes can be emailed to customers or placed in different advertising mediums (magazines, newspapers, web sites, etc.) for customers to find.

Financial Tracking

NextLevelObjects keeps detailed records of all financial transactions within the system. These includes discounts. The system keeps a record of every discount taken (whether from a coupon or a gift card) along with who got the discount, when, and what they purchased. The retailer can easily pass this information to their accountant, or to their accounting system for further analysis.

The Gift Card, Coupon and Discount System is a powerful and flexible system that gives retailers multiple avenues for promoting their business. Its ease of use features for retailers and shoppers means that a business can start new ways of promoting their business in minutes.

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