NextLevelObjects Bid System

The NextLevelObjects Bid System allows retailers to set discounted prices (separate from the list and sales prices) for selected items. The bid price the retailer is willing to accept is hidden from the shopper. For products the retailer makes available for bid, the shopper can offer a price. Once the price is offered, the retailer either accepts or rejects the offer. The acceptance/rejection process is entirely automated, based on parameters set by the retailer.

For added control, the retailer can set a ceiling as to how many units they're willing to sell on a bid. This ceiling is set for each product. The system also allows the retailer to determine how often a particular shopper can bid on an item.

Bidding is an excellent way to create a little fun for customers. Meanwhile, it gives retailers the ability to move items without necessarily having to sell them at a deep discount. This pleases the customer by creating the appearance of a deep discount, while pleasing the relailer by providing a higher margin.

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