Attention E-Commerce Professionals

If you're an e-commerce professional and have skills in web site design, search engine marketing, or PHP development, NextLevelObjects would like to talk with you. NextLevelObjects is aggressively promoting a multi-site, multi-store, multi-vendor shopping cart engine, and our marketplace needs your skills.

More and more companies are starting to offer multi-site / multi-store e-commerce functionality. The difference between these companies and NextLevelObjects is that while other companies treat this functionality as an add-on, NextLevelObjects considers it the core of its architecture. NextLevelObjects built a multi-site, multi-vendor e-commerce system from the ground up. This architecture uses one code base and one database to support a theoretically unlimited number of e-commerce stores. Each store has access to a shared product catalog, while each product in the product catalog can be customized per the requirements of any given store. What's more, the system allows an unlimited number of vendors to manage their portion of the product catalog, relieving the web site operator of that often difficult and time-consuming task.

If you are a PHP developer and want to write your own code, no problem. In fact, NextLevelObjects encourages you to replace or extend our code. There are placeholders throughout the system that are waiting to be filled. Due to the architecture of the NextLevelObjects system, your code will automatically become multi-site, multi-vendor capable.

If you are a designer, NextLevelObjects gives you the ability to create your own web page designs for each web site. There are no restrictions as to how the design of one web site affects the design of other web sites, even though each web site shares the same code base and the same database. As a company that focuses on design, you are relieved from the responsibility of creating new databases and duplicating source code as you add new web sites.

If you are a marketing specialist, NextLevelObjects offers a special appeal. It's multi-site / multi-store architecture gives your clients the ability to create customized web sites for each market segment. As a marketing specialist, you can help these companies create powerful and customized strategies for each segment. Since each site can focus on smaller market segments, each site can increase conversions and revenue, resulting in a win for your clients and for yourself.

If you think about it, it doesn't make sense that an e-commerce software package can simply plug-in multi-site / multi-store capabilities. Multi-site / multi-store functionality doesn't lend itself to being modularized. Sure, it can be done, but it's not elegant, it's not flexible, and it's not easy. Therefore, implementations will take longer, more custom coding will be required, and more excuses will be made. The worst part is not knowing in advance how your clients will be negatively impacted. Instead, NextLevelObjects offers you a system that was architected from the beginning to support multiple e-commerce web sites. No short-cuts, no compromises, and no add-ons.

Please contact us and let's get the conversation going.