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If You're a Web Hosting Company

NextLevelObjects is an e-commerce system well suited to the needs of companies who host shopping carts for their clients. The architecture allows system administrators to easily add customized web sites with minimal additional over-head. Source code and data that is unique to a web site is encapsulated inside its own directory and can reside on any server the system administrator chooses. Depending on transaction volumes, a single database accompanied by a single code base can support many web sites. Using database views and carefully written SQL statements, web site owners and their suppliers only have access to their own data.

A big complaint among e-commerce users is that they can't share product information across their e-commerce web sites. This is not true using NextLevelObjects. NextLevelObjects allows businesses to host product data across multiple web sites. NextLevelObjects even allows a single product id to have a multiple names, descriptions, and prices (as well as other information) depending on the web site retrieving product information. Web site owners will enjoy not having to maintain duplicate copies of product and other business data across various domains.

NextLevelObjects is feature rich. It boasts order types that are rarely found on other shopping carts. Furthermore, the system has been designed such that new order types can be easily added. This flexibility in adding functionality doesn't apply just to order types. The system has been designed to easily accommodate new algorithms for calculating taxes, new algorithms for calculating shipping costs, new methods for processing payments, and new methods (using new technologies) for interfacing with shoppers. This flexibility is possible because a lot of up-front thought was given to the architecture of the system.

NextLevelObjects closes the supply chain loop. Many shopping carts only offer an attractive front end. Once the order is accepted by the shopping cart, its job is basically done. Not so with NextLevelObjects. NextLevelObjects is capable of tracking inventory, planning shipments, printing packing slips, and managing returns. During this process, records are written to keep track of all the pertinent financials.

There is certainly much more to talk about, and additional information can be found throughout this site. However, if you'd like to get a more personal explanation about NextLevelObjects, please send us an email or fill out this form. We look forward to hearing from you.