Does Your Company Operate Multiple E-Commerce Web Stores?

Are you a retail company who operates multiple e-commerce web sites?  Do you sell your products on two or more web sites using either a single or multiple shopping cart engines?  Are you willing to tell your story to an interested on-line audience?  If you are, NextLevelObjects would like to interview and publish your story on the internet.

NextLevelObjects specializes in multi-site, multi-store e-commerce systems.  We believe that as the cost of web publishing continues to decline, companies will find ever more compelling reasons to maintain multiple web sites.   Companies that operate multiple web sites can brand and customize those sites for specific customer segments, focusing on the messages most important to each segment. This can result in increased conversions and more effective search engine marketing.

If you’re a company that operates multiple e-commerce web stores, you’re already a leader in this emerging field.  The challenges you faced and the lessons you learned would be of interest to other retail companies. 

We would love to help you tell your story and share your vision for the opportunities you see ahead. Feel free to respond to this post, go to our contact page, or send an email to Keith Martello at NextLevelObjects will conduct the interview and publish a press release on your behalf.  In the end we’d hope to generate a little buzz for your company and perhaps share some thoughts on how best to architect these types of complex integrated systems.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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