Practicing What We Preach

When we created the NextLevelShopper shopping cart, we wanted to create a shopping cart that was highly flexible, highly functional, and able to grow with our customers. But that wasn't enough. We also wanted to create a software development environment for NextLevelShopper that would allow us to quickly react to the changing demands of our customers and the marketplace. In other words, we wanted to be as flexible as the NextLevelShopper engine.

In order to accomplish that goal, NextLevelObjects created the NextLevelObjects E-Commerce Framework (NEF). The NEF is a technology driven business development environment whose sole purpose is to rapidly create applications that facilitate electronic commerce between consumers and businesses. Applications that can leverage the power of the framework include shopping carts, reservations systems, software download systems, or any other type of business driven application that needs to be created quickly and securely.

The power of the framework comes from its multi-tiered architecture and its commerce driven focus. The multi-tiered architecture allows businesses to leverage and re-use software components across multiple applications, keeping costs down while creating stability across systems. The top tier of the architecture is reserved for software technologies that interact with consumers. These technologies change rapidly over time, and the NEF has been designed to not only accommodate this change, but to facilitate and accelerate the change. As businesses expand from traditional web sites to Ajax driven and mobile internet based computing, NextLevelObjects' E-Commerce Framework will allow those companies to preserve their investment in their internet based back-end components while delighting their customers with exciting new ways from which to purchase goods and services.

An equally exciting aspect of the NEF is its ability to build multiple web sites all supported by one database and one code base. To the consumer, the appearance and capabilities of each web site are unique, but to the retailer, the back-end engine is unchanged. This allows businesses to increase their web site offerings while minimizing increases in software complexity.

NextLevelObjects, Inc. is excited about the NEF and believes it will allow us to be more responsive to our customers. If you are interested in learning more about the NEF, or NextLevelShopper, please refer to our contact page. We look forward to working with you so that we can take your on-line business to the next level.