Growth with Simplicity

Few shopping carts can match NextLevelShopper when it comes to growth. Using one database and one code base, NextLevelShopper allows you to create a (theoretically) unlimited number of shopping carts in an unlimited number of domains. Each shopping cart operates independently with its own themes, images, links, products, menu systems, work flows, and business rules. Products, categories, suppliers, etc. in one shopping cart can be shared with any other shopping cart.

Creating multiple shopping carts allows you to create a unique shopping experience for each one of your customer segments. For instance, if you sell living room, dining room, office, and home theatre furniture, NextLevelShopper allows you to create one web site for living, dining and home theatre furniture, and another web site for office furniture. This allows you to create specialized web sites that are product category specific. This simplifies each web site and allows you to send an unmistakable message to each of your customer segments.

Specialty web sites give you an advantage in the search engine wars. Search engines look for specialization. The more specific a web site, the easier it is categorize. All things being equal, if a user does a search for 'office furniture', office furniture web sites will rank higher than 'generic' furniture web sites. In addition, your domain names and page titles will reflect exactly the nature of the web site, removing any ambiguity about its purpose. Customers will see exacting domain names and descriptions in the search engine results page, leading to more click-throughs. If you plan to do pay-per-click advertising, the keywords you select can be more specific, leading to less competition and lower pay-per-click fees.

In the past, the biggest cost of maintaining multiple web sites was the cost of maintaining duplicate business data. NextLevelShopper removes that cost. No longer do you have to maintain duplicate product master, vendor, category, customer files, etc. Using NextLevelShopper, you only have one copy of the business data to maintain. NextLevelShopper makes multi-site retailing economical, efficient, and customer-driven.