Flexibility with Simplicity

The NextLevelShopper shopping cart creates flexibility for on-line retailers. Using NextLevelShopper, retailers can (theoretically) create an unlimited number of e-commerce web sites that share one database and one code base. Each site operates independently from all the other sites. To web site visitors, each web site looks, feels, and operates differently. The underlying engine and infrastructure, however, is shared among all web sites, keeping things simple for the retailer

As the retailer's online business grows, the retailer is given many options for how they want to grow their business. They can choose to rely on one web site, or they can expand the number of web sites they offer their customers. Either way, the retailer can add new work flows to their web site(s), providing new ways to service their customers, and new ways for customers to buy. Retailers can offer unique products on each web site, or share products across multiple web sites. Retailers can maintain all product data themselves, or use NextLevelShopper's security system to let suppliers manage product data. Business rules are defined for each web site. The business rules that are used by one web site are separate and distinct from the business rules used for other web sites. Images, themes, logos, etc. can be shared or kept web site specific, giving the retailer maximum flexibility in how they brand each site.

NextLevelShopper comes with a variety of work flows that the retailer can choose from. Available work flows include putting items in a save status, putting items in layaway, product bidding, and gift registration. Each of these work flows can be turned on or off at any time.

NextLevelShopper offers retailers flexibility and simplicity. As the online business grows and as new web sites and work flows are added, the underlying infrastructure barely changes. NextLevelShopper offers retailers a simple and flexible path for growth.