Data Modeling

NextLevelObjects can build complex data models spanning hundreds of tables crossing many different business domains. We will work with your subject matter experts to design a database that not only meets their business needs, but also is highly scalable, highly normalized, and properly indexed. A scalable, normalized, and properly indexed database allows you to grow your business without the database becoming a constraint to growth.

A properly designed database can protect your business. If the database is properly designed the opportunity for corrupting data, or for creating data that doesn't make business sense, is minimized. In order to achieve this however, the data modeler must have a strong business background. This is where companies often make a mistake. They will ask their database administrator or a systems analyst/programmer to drive the data modeling process. Although very good at what they do, their emphasis is on technology, not business. NextLevelObjects will provide you with an experienced business analyst with a strong background in designing databases.

Even less well understood is that a poorly designed database acts as a constraint on business process improvement. While a well designed database makes it easy to add software functionality, a poorly designed database makes it difficult, expensive and time consuming to add software functionality. NextLevelObjects knows that a well designed database will support business process improvements for years, and we will design such a database for you.