Coming Back For More

NextLevelShopper is a shopping cart that helps retailers offer unique services that generate repeat business. Here's how:

Layaway System

When customers put products on layaway they'll come back to make payments on their layaway(s). Every time a customer returns to your shopping cart you have a new opportunity to make a sale. Encourage your customers by advertising specials and promotions on your layaway payment page. NextLevelObjects can help you generate additional ideas for offering unique services and generating repeat business.

Gift Registration System

When customers set up a gift registration system, they invite their friends and family to purchase products on your site. NextLevelShopper allows customers to automatically send attractive email invitations to as many people as they like. These emails can be customized with your message, allowing you to use your current customers as a medium for attracting new customers. As new customers purchase gifts entice them to set up their own gift registry.

Bid System

The NextLevelShopper Bid System allows your customers to bid on products at prices below your advertised 'best' price. For each product you can set a limit on the number of bids a customer can make in a session. You also set the lowest price you're willing to accept (this price is not known to your customers). If the customer's bid(s) are too low, encourage them to come back and try again later. This is a great way to move merchandise at prices above your lowest acceptable price, while giving your customers reasons to return.

NextLevelObjects can help you think of new and creative ways to service your customers. Ways that will distinguish you from your competition and keeping your customers coming back for more.