Email Marketing

NextLevelObjects works with Rate Point and Constant Contact to offer email marketing services for the NextLevelShopper e-commerce system. An email marketing campaign keeps your customers informed about new products and services. Rate Point and Constant Contact have many features such as easy opt-in, easy email creation (newsletters, brochures, etc.), survey and polling features, and customer opt-outs.

NextLevelShopper tracks what your customers bought, when, and on which web site. This information is very useful when creating email campaigns. Using the information in the NextLevelShopper database combined with the capabilities of Rate Point or Constant Contact, you can easily send emails that let your customers know that you remember who they are and what they bought. You can then tell them about related products, product specials, and why they should return to your site.

NextLevelShopper's powerful database combined with great email marketing tools are a natural combination for sending compelling customized messages to your customers.