A powerful and flexible multi-store shopping cart that allows retailers to serve multiple market segments without compromise ...   [ Learn More ]


Grow Your Business

The key to growth is understanding the needs and preferences of your important customer segments ...
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Make It Flexible

NextLevelShopper allows retailers to define unique layouts, images, menu systems, etc. for all their web sites.   [ Learn More ]


Keep It Simple

NextLevelShopper allows you to add web sites and work flows without adding infrastructure, allowing you to add new services quickly and easily...   [ Learn More ]


Get The Facts

NextLevelShopper makes it easy to visually track sales, profits, shipping and more. You can also track sales by vendor and by brand ...   [ Learn More ]

An Advanced Multi-Site, Multi-Store, Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart

  • Multi-Site Shopping Cart: Create an unlimited number of e-commerce web sites with their own look, feel and behavior
  • Multi-Store Shopping Cart: Create an unlimited number of on-line stores, share a shopping cart between multiple stores
  • Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart: Give wholesalers and manufacturers permissions to manage products, shipping, and returns
  • Unlimited Shopping Cart Configuration Strategies. Combine and intermix web sites, web stores, and vendors.
  • Sophisticated e-commerce database optimally normalized for supporting e-commerce transactions
  • One code base and one database supports all sites, stores, shopping carts, and e-commerce transactions
  • One system administrator sign-in for managing all sites, stores, shopping carts, and e-commerce transactions
  • Full control of front end design without affecting back-end functionality
  • Advanced functionality for wish lists, layaways, comparison shopping, and gift registration
  • Customer Feedback System at the product level
  • Integrated with advanced sales tax calculation and reporting system
  • Multi-Currency and Multi-Language Support
  • Fully integrated multi-location inventory system
  • Completely configurable to match your business requirements

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Learn the fundamentals of micro-retailing and multi-store shopping carts. Learn how micro-retailing can improve your search engine rank, and your shopping cart conversion rate. Understand and leverage the relationship between customer segmentation, micro-retailing, and web site optimization.
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Learn how you can use micro-retailing and a multi-store shopping cart to expand your marketplace. Learn how micro-retailing allows you to become opportunistic, quickly creating new shopping carts to serve new markets that generate additional revenue for your business.
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Multi-Site Multi-Store Retailing and the Supply Chain

Learn how micro-retailing and multi-store shopping carts fit into the supply chain. What are the operational benefits and costs of multi-store retailing. Learn the downstream impacts.
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Multi-Site Multi-Store Retailing and Web Site Design

How do multi-site shopping carts affect web site design. What are the economies of scale. Does it make sense for small companies to operate more than one web site.
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Multi-Site Multi-Store Retailing and Databases

Managing multiple databases (particularly the product master file) is a big challenge for retailers who want to operate multiple web sites. Learn how retailers can get around this problem.
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Consolidate Your Data Flexibility In Action
Below are some of the latest add-ons for the NextLevelShopper system.

Customer Product Reviews - Research shows that positive feedback from your customers is a great way to boost sales.

New Design Templates - Choose from a variety of templates to display your products

New Payment Methods - NextLevelShopper makes it easy to add payment systems. We'll add more from time to time.